The Workshops Ticket is $25 and is open to attendees 21 years of age and older.

11:00 AM - Registration opens.
You can pick up your pre-purchased Workshops Ticket or buy one on site!

Pin Up Photoshop Techniques and Tips

12:00 PM - Pin Up Photoshop Techniques and Tips with Al Abbazia
Al Abbazia leads you through a step by step process of showing you how to transform a picture of a model into a pin-up.  Bring your laptops or just something to write with.  He will have his MacBook with him and will share some of his secrets, tricks and tips on how he Photoshops.

Professional Modeling

1:15 PM - Professional Modeling with SoCal Val
Hear the vivacious SoCal Val talk about her journey to becoming a professional model and getting agency representation.  Don’t miss this exciting session to hear some of the modeling tips and tricks she’s learned along the way!

2:15 PM – Present Yourself Like an Experienced Model
Want to dive into the world of modeling, or become an even more fabulous model than you already are? Professional Pageant Coach Frank Arcidiacono will present valuable pointers for how to carry yourself like a skilled model even when you’re not in front of the camera. This panel will also prepare you to put your best foot forward when entering pageants and contests. You won’t want to miss this session to get a leg up on the competition at the Miss PinUpalooza pageant!

3:30 PM – Bellydance Burlesque
Learn sensual moves from this centuries old dance style from Illia Medina and see how techniques can be utilized in Burlesque.

Burlesque for the Bedroom

4:30 PM - Burlesque for the Bedroom (Hosted by Professor Whiskey)
This class will show you the proper way to burlesque your undressing ritual to get the attention of your “audience”.  It will also go over some basic movements and poses as well as music selection to help move your act along.

Pinup Chair Dance Workshop

5:30 PM - Pinup Chair Dance Workshop (Hosted by The Assets)
Pinup girls are fun, sexy and flirty. This workshop will teach you how to put those popular pinup poses in motion. Jade from “The Assets” burlesque group will teach you some simple dance moves to get you feeling sexy enough to put on a show. No dance experience necessary, all levels will love these moves. Put on your best outfit and get ready for some chair dancing!

An Hour with the Hair Houdini

7:15 PM - An Hour with the Hair Houdini (Hosted by Sandy Hill)
Learn techniques on how to achieve some of the most iconic pin-up looks from professional hair stylist, Sandy Hill.  One lucky audience member will get to be her model!

An Hour with Ria Von Strudel

8:30 PM - An Hour with Ria Von Strudel (Hosted by Tentacle Chris)
Join us as we learn more about the gorgeous Ria; a local model published many times over.  How did she get to where she is today?  What are her coveted secrets?  Find all this and more…

Icing on the Cake: Personalized Accessories

9:45 PM - Icing on the Cake: Personalized Accessories (Hosted by Doctor D)
A demonstration of pinstriping a handbag and a pair of heels. He will give each away during the demonstration to the attendees holding the lucky tickets!

Pin-Up Photography… Vintage, The War Years, and Modern: Where to Draw Inspiration From?

11:00 PM - Pin-Up Photography… Vintage, The War Years, and Modern: Where to Draw Inspiration From? (Hosted by Stacy Hockett)
The workshop will cover the basics of Pin-Up Photography.  Beginners will have a better understanding about where to draw inspiration from by using internet websites, books, and other media.  What is the differences?  How can you be more authentic, and an explanation of the separate styles and such.  Using the camera to get the best look!  Why Hair and make-up is the most important thing!  Why it’s all in the angles and more.  Take a Journey through the history and join the Pin-Up revolution!