Unboxing Burlesque (Show)

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Unboxing Burlesque Performance

Burlesque as an art form has experienced a boom in popularity in the past decade and we’re thrilled to present a performance that “thinks outside the box.” Unboxing Burlesque is a stage show showcasing performers and troupes as they present burlesque as a variety of genres including:

  • Bellydance Burlesque
  • Classic Burlesque
  • Historical Burlesque
  • Macabre Burlesque
  • Queer Burlesque
  • Vaudeville Burlesque

Show Schedule

INTRODUCTION – Tentacle Chris explains Unboxing Burlesque
1st NUMBER – Queer Burlesque #1 (The Assets – Beautiful People)
2nd NUMBER – Historical Burlesque #1 (Mini Grand – Tribute to Rosie the Riveter)
3rd NUMBER – Bellydance Burlesque #1 (Ilia Del Mar – I Put a Spell on You)
4th NUMBER – Macabre Burlesque #1 (Grotesque Burlesque – Divide)
5th NUMBER – Vaudeville Burlesque #1 (Prof Whiskey’s Lucky Von Lu – Big Bad Handsome Man [Balloon Pop])
6th NUMBER – Classic Burlesque (Jezebelle – Pantaloons)
7th NUMBER – Vaudeville Burlesque #2 (Prof Whiskey’s Bettie Belladonna – Puttin on the Silk Mix [Fans])
8th NUMBER – Queer Burlesque #2 (The Assets – Te Amo)
9th NUMBER – Historical Burlesque #2 (Mini Grand – Tribute to Mata Hari)
10th NUMBER – Bellydance Burlesque #2 (Ilia Del Mar – The Best is Yet to Come)
FINAL NUMBER – Macabre Burlesque #2 (Grotesque Burlesque – Conquer)
CURTAIN CALL – The Assets, Mini Grand, Ilia Del Mar, Grotesque Burlesque, Professor Whiskey’s Lucy Von Lu & Bettie Belladonna, Jezebelle



Grotesque Burlesque

Ilia Del Mar