PinUpalooza 2015

Dearest Dames, Dolls, Dudes, and downright amazing fans:

PinUpalooza 2013We’re sorry for the radio silence these past few months, but things have been overwhelmingly busy in the PinUpalooza production offices.  As of this writing, it now boils down to the standardized “good news” and “bad news” sort of update.  Here goes.

PinUpalooza will not take place in 2014.

PinUpalooza is returning the summer of 2015.

PinUpalooza started as a project to create a “pin-up convention” for fans run by fans of the culture (and not random folks dressed to look like fans).  We sought authenticity while creating something new and exciting for Central Florida.  Having borrowed the fan convention model from our other events in Green Mustard Entertainment, we created something bordering on spectacular… but both times, we felt we were missing something.

The event was getting great local coverage (via Orlando Weekly, the Orlando Sentinel, and other outlets) but, to us, it still wasn’t “hitting the mark”.  After multiple meetings and reviewing feedback from attendees, guests, and vendors, we felt that the event needed to migrate away from the “convention” model and expand into more of a festival atmosphere.  In late 2013, we were contacted by a local sponsor about using PinUpalooza to enhance Bike Week in Daytona.  While this was a great idea, it wasn’t the best fit and didn’t work out in the long run.  Then, at the beginning of 2014, we began the process of moving PinUpalooza away from the tourist section of town (International Drive) and more towards downtown.  In March, we thought we had found a venue that would work.  Unfortunately, the venue came back to us in May and stated that they would be unable to fulfill the agreements we had worked out.

We COULD have moved the event back to a “conference center” and gone on with business as usual, but that would require sacrificing the soul of PinUpalooza that we’re working so hard to keep intact.  Thus, we’re plotting out a new course.

PinUpaloozaPinUpalooza Presents

Starting this fall, we will be hosting a series of local events under the banner of PinUpalooza Presents.  These events will feature shows, gatherings, and other smaller scale presentations to keep in touch with the culture in Central Florida.  We are already working with a couple of groups and venues and hope to have announcements in July.

PinUpalooza 2015

The parent company for PinUpalooza, Green Mustard Entertainment, is hosting four other conventions in 2014: Florida Anime Experience, Florida Comics Experience, InvaderCON, and WasabiCon.  The bulk of these shows take place this summer with the last one wrapping up in November.  We are actively looking for a venue that we feel will best suit PinUpalooza 2015 during this time.  Our target is to move from September/October (where PinUpalooza has typically taken place) to June/July… because PinUpalooza feels like a summer shindig to us.

Thanks again for all the love and support you have shown us these past couple of years.  We look forward to building you THE PinUpalooza event you all want and deserve for 2015.  If you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.  Email us at or drop us a line at the Green Mustard Entertainment offices at (407) 536-9272.

-The PinUpalooza Production Team

PinUpalooza 2015


  1. My Back ground is in Cosmetology, Retail, & Customer Serves. I Model as a hobby. Plus my Husband is a 5 star Chef & a Photographer as a hobby. If you think u could us either of us for help just let me know.

  2. Please keep us posted! We really enjoyed your event last year and would love to tag along for your other events! See you soon!

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