Visit the PinUpalooza Booth at The Hukilau THIS WEEKEND!

The HukilauThe Hukilau began when a few people on the Tiki Central message board discussed gathering at Trader Vic’s in Atlanta. Tiki Kiliki (Co-founder, Producer and Organizer) and Swanky (Co-Founder & former Organizer — click here to read his bio) began planning what is nowThe Hukilau™ – an annual event celebrating Hawaiian and Polynesian Pop culture while honoring a historic Tiki bar and location. The idea of the event itself came about when Tiki Kiliki and Swanky were inspired by events in California, namely the largest Tiki event in the world, Tiki Oasis. The reaction and excitement was phenomenal! The first event held in 2002, honoring Trader Vic’s in Atlanta, GA (est. 1976), was three days packed full of entertainment and events. The crowds poured in and all venues sold out. We were also shocked and amazed that Sven Kirsten, King Kukulele and others from California were willing to make the trip and attend the weekend, making it so special with their performances and participation. The experience sparked a fire to do more, thus an annual Tiki gala was born!The Hukilau™ saw a change of location in 2003 when we were encouraged by friends to honor the amazing Mai-Kai in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (est. 1956). The response was overwhelming with attendees from all over the world and once again the event was extremely successful. The Hukilau™ also invited the Italian band “I Belli Di Waikiki” for their first U.S. performance – the event has never been the same!

In 2013, PinUpalooza set up at the show to help spread a little Pin-Up love to the event – and we’re returning this year!  So if you’re in South Florida, swing by and say hi to Mary Mint and the PinUpalooza production team as they promote our forthcoming 2015 event (and 2014 appearances.)

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