Unboxing Burlesque (the #PinUpalooza #burlesuque show) UPDATE!

Variety is the spice of life – and PinUpalooza has prepared an AMAZING Burlesque show for our attendees.  UNBOXING BURLESQUE will feature performances for various styles of the classic striptease performance from some of our featured talent including: The Assets, Grotesque Burlesque, Ilia Del Mar, Jezebelle, Mini Grand, and Professor Whiskey’s Traveling Bizarre Bazaar.

The show is restricted to attendees 21 and over only and requires an Entertainment Ticket (which can be purchased at the door for $25.)

Don’t miss this amazing chance to support Burlesque in Central Florida by seeing the outstanding acts.


  • INTRODUCTION – Tentacle Chris explains Unboxing Burlesque
  • 1st NUMBER – Queer Burlesque #1 (The Assets – Beautiful People)
  • 2nd NUMBER – Historical Burlesque #1 (Mini Grand – Tribute to Rosie the Riveter)
  • 3rd NUMBER – Bellydance Burlesque #1 (Ilia Del Mar – I Put a Spell on You)
  • 4th NUMBER – Macabre Burlesque #1 (Grotesque Burlesque – Divide)
  • 5th NUMBER – Vaudeville Burlesque #1 (Prof Whiskey’s Lucky Von Lu – Big Bad Handsome Man [Balloon Pop])
  • 6th NUMBER – Classic Burlesque (Jezebelle – Pantaloons)
  • 7th NUMBER – Vaudeville Burlesque #2 (Prof Whiskey’s Bettie Belladonna – Puttin on the Silk Mix [Fans])
  • 8th NUMBER – Queer Burlesque #2 (The Assets – Te Amo)
  • 9th NUMBER – Historical Burlesque #2 (Mini Grand – Tribute to Mata Hari)
  • 10th NUMBER – Bellydance Burlesque #2 (Ilia Del Mar – The Best is Yet to Come)
  • FINAL NUMBER – Macabre Burlesque #2 (Grotesque Burlesque – Conquer)
  • CURTAIN CALL – The Assets, Mini Grand, Ilia Del Mar, Grotesque Burlesque, Professor Whiskey’s Lucy Von Lu & Bettie Belladonna, Jezebelle



Grotesque Burlesque

Ilia Del Mar




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